Saasu Certified Trainers

Saasu Certified Trainers are experienced with Saasu through personal use or the product and/or with customers of their own using Saasu. Certified trainers receive regular updates and training from Saasu Labs and Product Managers. Saasu trainers like to make the training a little more relevant to you personally so they tend not to provide general classroom style training that doesn't cater for your personal needs. Trainers who provide online training may do so using Goto Meeting which is free for you. They may also use Skype or other services. You just need a computer and a phone to be able to do your training online.

JVC Bookkeeping Pty Ltd Mission Beach

Bronze Partner
Judy Campbell – – 0419162998

Feeling bogged down? What do you need help with ? We offer accurate and efficient file migration and integration, Saasu training and full bookkeeping services. We offer affordable bookkeeping packages for you to decide to do as little or as much as you like. Judy will assist you every step of the way ensuring that you are up to date, compliant and accountant ready.